EU & EEA Applicants

If you are a national of a European member state or are married to one, do not assume that the general law applies to you; check for special provisions. Our team of immigration advisors can aid you through the process of different EEA applications which may include: registration certificates confirming that you have a right to live in the United Kingdom under European Community law, registration under the Workers Registration Scheme for Accession “A8” members (from Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia,Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia or Slovenia) and family member residence stamp for non-EEA national dependants of persons required to register under the scheme, permission to live indefinitely in the UK if you have been working in the UK for at least five years, or if you have held a residence permit for five years. We also assist and advise on the appeal process should you have had a negative decision with regards to an application involving European law.