Asylum Cases

We at Cohesion can help with Asylum Cases

Our Immigration team specialises in complex asylum applications, jammed legacy cases as well as deportation, detention, bail and removal matters. We work closely with our clients at Cohesion.

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Tier Applications

Tier/points-based system applications

The Home Office have introduced the Points based systems for issuance of visas, the entire paradigm of visa applications and processes has shifted from the realm of vagueness to technicalities and certainty.

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Family Visas

If you wish to see your loved ones in the United Kingdom

Our specialist immigration team is specifically trained to deal with each matter with sensitivity and discretion whilst providing impartial and practical solutions without compromising the quality of our service

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Visa Assessments

You can approach us for our FREE assessment and an Immigration Advisor will also advise you on the following:

Eligibility requirements of any applicable visa programs, a breakdown of application costs, estimated application processing times, explore alternative visas to apply for at Cohesion. More