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Asylum Cases

The frequency of the changes in the Home Office's policy towards refugees/asylum seekers means that the success or failure of an application will often depend upon the care with which arguments are advanced, and more directly upon the way in which judicial precedents are presented by a legal representative.
Our Immigration team specialises in complex asylum applications, jammed legacy cases as well as deportation, detention, bail and removal matters. Our consultation is aimed to provide the best possible solutions for you in the quickest possible time. We work closely with our clients to ensure compliance with the myriad of immigration regulations, International Conventions and ever developing judicial decisions. Our team also benefits from having directly experienced the operation of the UK Border Agency and can therefore ensure that your application has a good prospect of success.


EU & EEA Applicants

If you are a national of a European member state or are married to one, do not assume that the general law applies to you; check for special provisions. Our team of immigration advisors can aid you through the process of different EEA applications which may include: registration certificates confirming that you have a right to live in the United Kingdom under European Community law, registration under the Workers Registration Scheme for Accession “A8” members (from Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia,Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia or Slovenia) and family member residence stamp for non-EEA national dependants of persons required to register under the scheme, permission to live indefinitely in the UK if you have been working in the UK for at least five years, or if you have held a residence permit for five years. We also assist and advise on the appeal process should you have had a negative decision with regards to an application involving European law.


Family Visas

If you wish to see your loved ones in the United Kingdom, our specialist immigration team is specifically trained to deal with each matter with sensitivity and discretion whilst providing impartial and practical solutions without compromising the quality of our service. One of the biggest areas of migration is for reasons connected to family relationships. We have handled many cases for husbands and wives, elderly parents or re-uniting children who have been separated from their families here. We appreciate and understand the delicate nature of these relationships, and have been rewarded both by the restoration of the family unit as well as with the happiness it brings.


TIER Applicants

Now that the Home Office has introduced a points-based system for issuance of visas. The entire paradigm of visa applications and processes has shifted from the realm of vagueness to technicalities and certainty. This means that these Tier/points-based system applications need to be tightly worded, skilfully prepared and very cleverly managed. We also offer strategic and innovative immigration advice to those organisations either considering or currently operating international recruitment strategies as to the most appropriate and efficient way to employ non-EU migrants.


Visitor Visas

If you are looking to travel to the United Kingdom as a visitor and need advice on your visit visa application, look no further. Our expert immigration advisors can help drastically increase your chances of getting entry clearance regardless of individual circumstances. Our team has vast experience of representing foreign clients before immigration tribunals and courts in immigration appeals. Our highly dedicated team endeavours to work in close liaison with our clients abroad to ensure that the distance between us does not affect the quality of the application.


VISA Assessments

You may have to wait months for your UK visa application to be processed by the Home Office Immigration Directorate, or spend the whole day there to then find that you do not have all the relevant documentation. You can approach us for our FREE assessment and an Immigration Advisor will also advise you on the following:
A breakdown of application costs
Eligibility requirements of applicable visa programs
Estimated application processing times
Explore alternative visas to apply for at Cohesion



For those who do not want to go through the torture of delays in their visa applications or cannot afford to wait in the long queues at the Home Office contact centres for the Premium Service, we offer the Same Day Service. We are OISC registered and can represent you at the Home Office Immigration Directorate while having your UK visa application processed on the same day. An experienced OISC registered consultant will prepare your application which ensures that it will be dealt with on the day of submission. This will not only give you the ability to deal with your application on a very short notice, but also the ease of getting your visa while sitting in the comfort of your own home.

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