About Us

At CLSC, you learn through communicative, fun and challenging classes.

CLSC is a centre that combines high quality learning with professional legal advice. We have a team of dedicated teachers with different backgrounds who bring their unique skills and experiences to the classroom. They speak a range of languages and can usually communicate in our student’s native language where necessary. Lessons are delivered in a friendly environment where a healthy competition among our students is encouraged to build their confidence level.
The centre is a short bus ride away from the city centre but only a few hundred yards away from the famous curry mile in Rusholme which is thought to be the largest concentration of South Asian restaurants outside the Indian Subcontinent. The street is busy into the early hours of the morning and is much visited by local students, because of its’ location near the university. Unlike many language centres we have a vibrant mix of overseas and home learners and this allows you to practice your language skills all day

What We Offer

A variety of services not found in any centre.
We are not just a Legal centre, but also a Learning centre for everyone.

- A Legal Centre to solve your problems.
- A Learning Centre that provides a range of education courses.

Perfect Choice

We are the perfect choice.
The Cohesion Legal Services Centre can help you achieve your goals either in learning or if you have legal issues.

We have a dedicated legal and learning team that can assist you with your needs and requirements.

Professional Service

Professional Legal Team. If you have any problems with immigration we can help you with Visas, advice. Check out our Legal Centre.

Professional Learning Team.
We have a range of courses, including English Language, SIA, Computing, advanced courses and many more just check out our Language Centre.

Cohesion Centre
Mission Policy

- Bring ethnic communities together

- Provide Legal services for the community

- Provide Educational courses

- Provide a friendly atmospheresion

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First class
Immigration Specialist.

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Our Immigration Specialist caseworkers are authorised and regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services and Commissioner.
Furthermore, the Solicitors working at Cohesion Legal Services Centre Limited are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.